Cloud Computing

Enhanced Google Cloud Machine Learning Services

Google rolled out a variety of new and enhanced Cloud Machine Learning Services at the recently concluded Google Cloud Next Conference. One of the more useful developments from an Enterprise standpoint are the full set of API’s and pretrained models that are currently available on GCP. This video outlines use cases and code samples for 5 of the currently available API’s.

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Amazon rolls out new Big Data solutions

Amazon recently rolled out a number of Big Data Solutions. The use cases for Big Data on AWS include clickstream analytics, fraud detection, recommendation engines and serverless computing. Amazon has a number of services for real time Big Data Analytics including Kinesis Firehose, Kinesis Streams and Kinesis Analytics. These services complement the existing AWS Storage, Database and Internet of Things services.

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Amazon EC2

OnDemand Speed Links 21 April 2011

Amazon EC2 suffers significant outage on April 21 Amazon’s challenges with getting all services back online following an outage in its US-EastĀ  regionĀ  is already becoming a hot topic for debate in the Cloud Computing Industry. Key differences between Social Business and Social Media Social Media Club readers have posted compelling feedback on Chris Heuer’s framework that outlines the differences between Social Business and Social Media. New Enterprise 2.0 survey needs participants Jacob Morgan is Read more…

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