5 Enterprise 2.0 Trends to Watch in 2008

Enterprise TWO2008 is shaping up as the year where the previously divergent paths of Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 converge. Just as Web 2.0 came in 2007 into the mainstream, 2008 should see 5 key trends evolve relating to Enterprise 2.0.

1. Pressure from Industry Peers and Management – Companies will be more willing to try mashups, wiki’s, blogs and other tools to determine if highly touted Enterprise 2.0 applications and methodologies can have an impact within their companies. Most IT managers will have either heard of or seen the benefits of adopting Enterprise 2.0 solutions and will be incented by senior management and or their peers to have a look at the benefits themselves.

2. As acquisitions continue at the torrid pace seen in 2006 and 2007 – many companies will look at Enterprise 2.0 applications as an alternative to the offerings of the large software companies. In addition, many Enterprise 2.0 applications offer integration solutions; making the offerings more attractive to companies whose primary application vendor has been acquired by a larger firm.

3. A changing technology workforce – infused with younger (under 30 years old) employees already well versed in Web 2.0 & Enterprise 2.0 applications; will continue to introduce these tools within their enterprises. This will in turn make the adoption rate of Enterprise 2.0 applications within companies much faster than the adoption rates previously seen with client server and ERP technologies for example.

4. Increased globalization will also drive Enterprise 2.0 adoption within
– In the past many companies where able to prosper and grow with a focus on their regional market. In 2008 any company worth its salt; whether a start-up or a global fortune 100, must have a global business plan and focus to increase market share and survive.

5. Maturation of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) – will be critical as SaaS & SOA are the delivery model and infrastructure that helped drive adoption of Web 2.0 into the mainstream. The maturation and acceptance of both SaaS and SOA in the enterprise will also drive massive adoption of Enterprise 2.0 solutions into the corporate world.

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  2. A nice sum-up of upcoming trends. In fact, at WorkLight we are already seeing 3 of your predictions unfold at full speed – companies we talk to are getting increased pressure from the employees to enrich the workspace with a Web 2.0 environment, and on the other hand the senior management wants to explore how their company can be outfitted with the most powerful E2.0 tools available. Lastly, the fact that companies are experiencing globalization is driving the adoption of more consumer-based tools to foster collaboration and sharing of information. The problem is doing this securely. That is the biggest challenge facing organizations today (and the one that WorkLight addresses directly). All in all, many great things to come…

    Yonni Harif

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  4. Yonni,

    You hit it right on the head with your comment about security still being a gating factor in widespread adoption today of Enterprise 2.0.

    But the W3C Web Services Working Group put together standards for SAAS security a couple of years back and all the major software companies and pure Enterprise 2.0 companies like your firm Worklight are addressing security upfront today where in the past security was an afterthought.

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