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Consoles, Management Tools and Brokers

The web interfaces of cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) have consistently lagged behind third-party consoles in both user experience and functionality. Third party consoles supported rich meta-data around AWS resources in addition to  integrating CloudWatch and CloudFront support long before the AWS console. The initial lack of capabilities in the provider interfaces…

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European Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Trends

There are a number of great insights about Web 2.0 tools and technologies in the enterprise space that are provided by the top analyst firms and dedicated to executives & IT professionals.  Since my day-to-day experience at Yooplus is working with the Italian and European markets, I may be able to add some additional insights on Enterprise 2.0 adoption…

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CloudCamp San Francisco Wrap Up

Nestled between the the high-gloss conferences that were Structure 08 and Velocity 2008 In San Francisco last month; was the “little unconference that could,” CloudCamp! When I say that CloudCamp was my favorite event of the three, it’s not just because I helped organize it. What made CloudCamp so cool was that it was totally…

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