Charles Phillips outlines Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 Strategy

Oracle President Charles Phillips outlined Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 strategy during his keynote presentation on Monday at OAUG Collaborate 08.

Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 strategy consists of:

  • Fusing Enterprise 2.0 capabilities into Oracle technology
  • Delivering Enterprise 2.0-enabled Oracle Applications
  • Focus on Oracle WebCenter

Oracle WebCenter, originally announced in 2007, is now in production and will be Oracle’s foundation for Enterprise 2.0.

Oracle WebCenter

WebCenter is an enterprise portal that can be used to display information about people, processes and data. The architecture of WebCenter is aligned with Oracle new mantra of “Complete, Open and Integrated” for its current and future products and solutions.

Oracle WebCenter Architecture

During his keynote, Charles Phillips oversaw a demo of Oracle WebCenter that focused on the ease of use of setting up Ajax enabled portlets with WebCenter. Quite a bit of the demo was used to show how Webcenter could be used to quickly get Enterprise 2.0 functionality into place within a company without extensive amounts of coding.

Oracle WebCenter is part of Oracle’s extensive and growing Fusion Middleware solutions that now include Business Intelligence, Application Servers, Enterprise Performance Management and the soon to be added suite of tools from BEA.

Oracle Fusion Middeware

In a very short period of time Oracle has created a very comprehensive line of solutions for the Enterprise 2.0 space and will be interesting to watch over the coming years as the products mature and gain additional market share.


  1. David on April 18, 2008 at 9:05 am

    I wonder how this strategy will change once Oracle absorbs all of the BEA functionality. There seems to be a lot of duplicate functionality in the tools they offer

  2. Ameed Taylor on April 18, 2008 at 9:35 am


    If you look at BEA Aqualogic, there is similar SOA and enterprise portal functionality to WebCenter.

    What will probably end up happening is that Oracle will pick and choose the best functionality in WebCenter and Aqualogic and market the hybrid product to customers.

    Oracle moved quickly to move the superior tools and functionality within Seibel and Hyperion to the forefront in terms of their Business Intelligence and Performance Management tools so they have had to integrate similar products after acquisition before.

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