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Requirements management has always been one of the facets of software development dominated by traditional packaged software solutions. Over the years, the solutions of choice have moved from commercial packaged solutions to open source solutions.

GatherSpace; headquartered in Santa Monica, was one of the first companies to move Software Requirements Management into an OnDemand Model. It offers a feature rich solution that has all the functionality that development teams are used to in packaged applications.

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GatherSpace features include a software requirements hierarchy, iteration planning, use case functionality, built in Agile Software Development, bug tracking and very mature reporting options.

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Pricing of the GatherSpace solution ranges from $15 per user per month with an annual contract to $25 per user per month with a 3 month contract. Gatherspace also offers an on-site deployment option that starts at $650 per user with a 10 user minimum. It will be a tough sell for some companies to commit to a 3, 6 or 12 month contract with an emerging company like GatherSpace and it would probably benefit them to initially offer month to month contracts like some of their competitors.

Gatherspace’s packaged software requirements competitors include IBM Rational Requisite Pro and FeaturePlan. OnDemand competitors Include Accompa, Rally Software and Artifact Software.

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  1. Bruce on August 29, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    Hi Ameed,

    Also have a look at They provide an on-demand requirements management solution including traceability, user-built reporting templates, change request management with impact analyses and linking to test-cases. It is priced on a monthly subscription bases.

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