IBM Holds 2008 Innovation Jam

Innovation Jam

IBM this week held its 5 day Innovation Jam. Innovation Jam is IBM’s online exchange of ideas designed to help solve organizational and global challenges with a crowd-sourcing methodology.

Originally kicked off internally with its first World Jam, IBM has been using  Jam’s to solve business issues since 2001. These Jams have also been utilized by IBM for the dual purpose of demonstrating its various Enterprise 2.0 and WEB 2.0 technologies within the WebSphere and Lotus product Lines.

Based on feedback from an earlier IBM Global CEO Study the areas of focus of the 2008 Innovation Jam were to find ways that global organizations can increase collaboration, innovation, social engagement and responsiveness to change. IBM invited thousands of thought leaders, executives and influencers to participate in the 2008 Jam.

Areas Of Focus

Participants contributed to the 4 theme areas utilizing a standard suite of Enterprise and Web 2.0 tools including wiki, chat, live conferences and other collaboration tools. Some of the themes of interest that emerged from the participants during the Jam were social networking, virtual communities and global supply chain.

 Key Themes

Most of the live Jam activity; such as web conferences and group chats, took place during business hours in North America but as the activity map below indicates there was quite a bit of activity in Asia and Western Europe as well.

Activity Map

IBM has made the results of the Jam available to participants and it will be interesting to see if the Innovation Jam concept evolves a bit more in the future to include a larger number of thought leaders to add additional insight.

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