OnDemand Speed Links 20 February 2009


SAP Acquires Coghead IP
Dennis Howlett analyzes SAP acquisition of Cogheads Intellectual Property. Dennis opines that Caspio and Intuit are in the running for acquiring Cogheads customer base.

Oracle Gains The Most From Amazon and IBM Deal
Dennis Gardner’s interesting take on how Oracle comes out smelling like a rose with the recently announced IBM – Amazon Web Services deal.

Why Cloud Hosting Makes Sense For SMB
Cloud Avenue blogger Krishnan Subramanian wrote a compelling piece that lays out the benefits that SMB’s gain by converting from traditional hosting to cloud based hosting.

Enterprise 2.0 Pitfalls
Sean Law discusses a few of the pitfalls firms should keep in mind as they launch Enterprise 2.0 initiatives


  1. Bruce Payson on February 21, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    Cloud Hosting is cost effective when you compare having to procure hardware for development and or growth but I still think cloud hosting is still too high brow for the typical SMB company to understand.

    Most SMB’s are lucky to have a website that is kept up to date and functional, expecting these businesses to make the leap from standard hosting to cloud hosting is a stretch

  2. Ameed Taylor on February 21, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    @Bruce Payson,
    I see massive opportunity in the Cloud Hosting Space…if a software developer could create a online standards based front end (ala the AWS Management Console https://console.aws.amazon.com/)
    that would work with any cloud service providers offering, a large number of SMB’S would adopt cloud hosting…..

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