OnDemand Speed Links 22 May 2009


Panelists on Federal IT Panel Think Fed Cloud Is Inevitable
Casey Coleman and other Federal Panelists at the Association for Federal Information Resources Mgt Conference make case that next big push for Cloud Services will come from federal sector.

Cloud Computing For K-12
Pete Reilly thinks that Private Clouds are a perfect match for the K-12 community.

Enterprise 2.0 Still Confusing 3 Years After McAfee
Fast Forward Contributor Yuri Alkin examines why the term Enterprise 2.0 is still so confusing in the year 3AM (After McAfee) 🙂

Case Studies May Help End Enterprise 2.0 Confusion
Oliver Marks and Stowe Boyd are seeking Enterprise 2.0 adoption case studies to determine uptake of E20 and will choose one case history for presentation at the upcoming E20 conference.

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  1. Arthur Mueller on May 30, 2009 at 10:30 am

    There are a few too many case studies on Enterprise 2.0 and not enough Enterprise 2.0 companies making any money.
    Not sure how more case studies will help anything.

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