OnDemand Speed Links 25 March 2009

AudiTDI Lemans

Has SalesForce.Com’s Marc Benioff become the Billy Graham of SaaS
Saleforce.com just turned 10 years old and all of Marc Benioff’s Cloud Computing evangelization has become the gospel in the tech industry.

Is Google missing the boat in Enterprise Social Networking
Juan Carlos Perez examines why Google lags behind other vendors in adding Enterprise Social Networking tools to its Google Apps Suite.

Customer vs Vendor Software Value Models
Scott Selhorst compares and contrasts the key differentiators in computing software value models band ROI between vendors and customers.

EC2 for Poets
Dave Winer has published an “everyman’s” version of How to set up a server on Amazon EC2 in 30  minutes or less.

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