OnDemand Speed Links 28 April 2009


Are Cloud Computing Security Standards More Than an Afterthought?
Good Article on CIO.com that talks about the nascent efforts on developing cloud computing security standards.

What is Cloud Computing ?? What ISN’T cloud computing??
If you can skip past the marketing in the article,you will find one of the better definitions of Cloud Computing.

Enterprise 2.0 and Blogging should be First Practiced In House
Gil Yehuda captures a few good reasons why Blogging and Enterprise 2.0 efforts should always be practiced behind the firewall prior to releasing content to a public stage.

Do Multi-Tenant Architecures Save Costs and Should Customers Care?
Sinclair Schuller; over on SaasBlogs, provides a few key counterpoints to the recent conversations amongst bloggers and analysts about the purported cost savings of Multi-Tenant Architectures.

Can The Semantic Web Be CrowdSourced?
Finding Semantic Metadata on the web is still extremely rare. To help further adoption of the Semantic Web Aleksander Kmetec proposes using Crowdsourcing methods to build the linked data cloud.

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