OnDemand Speed Links Feb 1 2008

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Microsoft makes 44 billion USD offer for Yahoo
To underscore how market dynamics and perception of companies has changed drastically over the past few years; this acquisition would actually be welcomed by many.

Meanwhile Google misses earning estimates for first time
This is no surprise given the current economic downturn and resultant decrease in online advertising; the key driver in Google’s revenue model. This makes Microsoft’s probable purchase of Yahoo even more important as Google will finally have a competitor who will match it dollar for dollar in R&D spending etc.

Web 2.0 security risks still being ignored
Julian Goldsmith opines in ZDNet Asia that basic security risks are still being ignored by most Web 2.0 companies and users.

Wall Street Journal predicts widespread Web 2.0 adoption in 2008
Despite the lagging economy and security risks, Ben Worthen thinks that 2008 will be a breakout year in terms of Web 2.0 adoption in corporations.


  1. Bart on February 1, 2008 at 10:30 am

    I agree on the Microsoft acquisition offer. Google has too much of a monopoly on search engine rankings, advertising etc. Maybe now Yahoo-Microoft can develop a competing page rank algorithm that can compete (and be more open) with Googles secret page rank.

    It is funny that in the early 90’s Microsoft was the bad guy but lately people are saying the same things about Google that they used to say about Microsoft.

  2. Ameed Taylor on February 5, 2008 at 12:09 pm


    Google’s recent moves to call Microsofts proposed Yahoo acquisition not good for consumers is similar to what Microsoft used to do in the 90’s when faced with competition from Netscape and others.

    Business is vey cyclical and if you are around a few years you see the same patterns (and mistakes) being repeated by different players.

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