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More Companies Ban Social Networks and Web 2.0 sites
CIO magazine reports that a UK based security vendor has found that over 20% of companies are now blocking Web 2.0 and Social Network content citing security concerns.

Public Sector Use of Social Networking is Growing
Meanwhile the benefits of Social Networking in the Public Sector is beginning to become evident to government CIO’s. Citing messages from vendors and younger staff who are replacing retiring government workers; many Public Sector IT officials are drafting plans to introduce wiki’s,  mash-ups and other Web 2.0 tools into their traditionally staid environments.

Not Your Fathers User Conference
Dan Fost’s take on how Social Networking has changed the dynamics of oftentimes dull user conferences. He also opines on why Sarah Lacy was set upon by hostile South by Southwest Interactive Conference attendees last week during her catastrophic interview with Mark Zuckerberg.

Registration Site Up for Google I/O Event
Google has launched the registration site for its upcoming May 2008 Developer gathering at Moscone. Conference attendees can learn how to create Web/Enterprise 2.0 apps by attending session topics ranging from AJAX & JavaScript, Maps & Geo, Social applications, APIs & Tools and Mobile. As a bonus many of the sessions will be taught by Google engineers via the popular Fireside Chats and Tech Talk formats.

How To Become a Web/Enterprise 2.0 Technology Guru
PC World has  a great article on the technical and soft skills necessary for one to live long and prosper as a Web and Enterprise 2.0 technologist.

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