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Is now a good time for Cloud Computing Adoption
Kelly Glynn opines that the current economic recession is good for overall adoption of Cloud Computing. I would agree that Cloud Computing adoption should increase for companies that have a compelling reason to change their current computing environments due to cost and or inefficiencies.

Who Gets the most ROI from Cloud Computing
Bernard Golden; in his review  of the recent SDForum Cloud Symposium, explains who is getting the most ROI from Cloud Computing. Bernard mentioned the main beneficiaries of Cloud Computing today seem to start ups, the entertainment industry, small business and large enterprises.

Balancing out the Forrester Gloom and Doom Predictions
With the recent predictions by Forrester and other of a pending large drop in Enterprise 2.0 product prices, Bill Ives asks what about market size as an additional predictor of Enterprise 2.0 product success.

XING is the great Web 2.0 Hope
Ian Hendry; over on ZDnet UK, gives a bit of hope to the Web 2.0 crowd with the example of Germany Based Xing AG as a Web 2.0 company that can actually generate real revenue with a real business model.

Web 3.0 is PR and Marketings next Great Hope
When did the trendy term Web 3.0 replace the straightforward term Semantic Web? Now that the Web 2.0 gravy train appears to be at its merciful end, Web 3.0 rushes in to save thousands of marketing, PR and conference planning jobs:)


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