Review of Dot.Cloud: The 21st Century Business Platform


Peter Fingar’s New Book; Dot.Cloud, looks at the current Cloud Computing landscape and and what it all means for business in the future.

Dot.Cloud is not a technical “how to” for companies interested in creating Cloud applications and solutions but is a business book that firms can utilize to make informed decisions about how best to approach using the Cloud and determining ROI for Cloud initiatives. Peter is a true believer of the transformational effect that Cloud Computing will have on business in the coming years and compares the current Cloud hype cycle with the advent of ubiquitous Internet usage by businesses in the 1990’s.

Peter details out his conviction that Cloud Computing is the natural evolution of the Internet as a source of “services” and that business users are truly only interested in those services and not the underlying technology and acronyms that underpin Cloud Computing. Peter also believes that the biggest benefactors of Cloud Computing will be small and midsize businesses that now have the ability to tap into computing infrastructure, software and platforms that until recently were the sole province of large enterprises.

Dot.Cloud wont neccassarily cover new ground or introduce new concepts to those already using the Cloud; but for business users who are new to cloud computing that need an introduction to the terminology and history of Cloud Computing and how it all will affect business, this book is a great read.

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