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Discovery System

One of the more interesting solutions I saw at the September SAP TechEd was SAP Discovery System For Enterprise SOA.

SAP Discovery System is a preconfigured bundled development environment that allow users to create composite SOA applications in a sandbox environment using technologies such as Netweaver, master data management and business intelligence.

SAP partners Fujitsu and HP offer the Discovery System and the environment is composed of the following software and development components:

  • SAP® ERP application
  • Enterprise services
  • SAP NetWeaver® technology platform
  • Web Dynpro development environment
  • SAP Solution Manager application management solution
  • SAP GRC Access Control application
  • SAP xApp™ Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence application
  • SAP solutions for RFID
  • SAP GRC Global Trade Services application
  • MaxDB database
  • SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio tool
  • SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer tool
  • Adobe Lifecycle Designer
  • ABAP™ programming language workbench

SAP SOA Scenario

The true value of the Discovery System seems to be in the demo business scenarios and exercises that are included in the system like:

  • Customer Fact Sheet
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment
  • Global Trade Services
  • Permit Process Scenario
  • Service-Enabled Procurement Scenario
  • SAP RFID Solution
  • Telco Dealer Returns Scenario
  • RMA Processing Scenario

These scenarios and demos are bundled with a snapshot of SAP’s Enterprise Services Workspace and allow users to browse and test SAP’s enterprise services and scenario’s.  In addition many industry specific SOA test cases are available including scenarios for Banking, Telecommunications, Aerospace and Public Sector.

SAP SOA Scenario

SOA Discovery System Scenario

Itai Sadan, Program Manager for the SAP SOA Discovery System answered a few questions for the OnDemand Beat about Discovery System.

OnDemand Beat –  “Is SAP Discovery System meant to be used in a production environment or is it more of a starting point for prototyping and development?”

Itai Sadan – “It is a sandbox that is intended for evaluation and prototyping only. It is not to be used as a production environment both because it would not be the recommendation of SAP to install all software components on a single server for production use and because the licensing doesn’t permit it.”

OnDemand Beat – “Can SAP NetWeaver and SOA Discovery System be used to integrate data from both SAP and NON SAP systems such as Oracle or Siebel? If so where is the repository of data kept?”

Itai Sadan – “The answer is yes and many companies integrate non-SAP components into the Discovery System. The data is kept in the MaxDB database.”

OnDemand Beat – “What vertical industries has SAP seen the most adoption of SAP Discovery System?”

Itai Sadan – “We built the Discovery system to be used by all industries. Our business scenarios are mostly industry agnostic. For example, one demo is called SOA Procurement Scenario. It is a very simplified look at the world of procurement where a sales order is received and then due to low stock the company has to purchase the missing items from its suppliers in order to fulfill the demand. There is also a step where a purchasing agent requests authorization from his manager to create a purchase order. This is a very general business scenario the almost any company can relate to. Our main goal was to showcase the use of the SAP technologies and SOA architecture best practices.”

OnDemand Beat – “What components of SAP Discovery System are available on the SAP Developer Network?

Itai Sadan – “The Discovery system as a whole is sold solely by our technology partners HP and Fujitsu. On SDN you can find the documentation that explains how to setup the server after you buy it, how to run the demo scenarios, exercises and how-to guides.”

OnDemand Beat – “Will SAP Discovery System be updated in the future with configurations for SAP Business ByDesign?”

Itai Sadan – “We are always interested in adding new components to the Discovery system as they become available. You can see it by looking at the new components that had been added in the Discovery System v3 compared to the previous version 2. The main driver for choosing which components will be added is the requests we gather from our customers. Business ByDesign is an option although currently we are more focused on the software that is being used in the large enterprises.”

OnDemand Beat – “What is the next step typically for companies that have mastered SAP Discovery System?”

Itai Sadan – “Our goal is that customers will have a good experience using the software on the Discovery System and then decide to go into production with that software or do a proof-of-concept.”


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