Salesforce Unveils Chatter At Dreamforce


Marc Benioff unveiled’s Chatter application on the opening day of the firm’s annual DreamForce conference in Moscone Center In San Francisco.

Salesforce Chatter is a secure, private social network intended for enterprise use. Chatter has social computing features along the lines of Facebook and Twitter and is composed of a Chatter App and a Chatter Social Development Platform.


The Chatter App includes standard social computing features like Profiles, Status Updates, Feeds and Content Sharing.  Users of Twitter and Facebook will see familiar functionality and social media tools built into Chatter App.


The Chatter Social Platform; billed as the Collaboration Cloud, will include standard social media and collaboration components as well as Twitter, Google and Facebook developer toolkits. The Chatter Social Platform will also include API’s that will enable developers to integrate data from both cloud and on premise apps into Chatter.


Salesforce Chatter is scheduled to go live in 2010. Chatter will be included in all paid editions of SalesforceCRM and and a Chatter edition that includes Salesforce Chatter, Salesforce Content ad will be available for $50 per user per month.

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  1. Jack Rubinger on December 2, 2009 at 3:36 pm


    Do you any VCs attending CES 2010? I’m trying to arrange meetings for Doug Garnett from Atomic Direct, Thanks very much.

    – Jack Rubinger, 503-788-7325,

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