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IBM Holds 2008 Innovation Jam

IBM this week held its 5 day Innovation Jam. Innovation Jam is IBM’s online exchange of ideas designed to help solve organizational and global challenges with a crowd-sourcing methodology. Originally kicked off internally with its first World Jam, IBM has been using  Jam’s to solve business issues since 2001. These Jams have also been utilized by IBM for the dual purpose of…

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Trampoline Systems Launches SONAR FlightDeck

Trampoline Systems; a London Based provider of Enterprise Social Software, recently launched SONAR FlightDeck at the Network Roundtable in Washington DC. SONAR Flightdeck is the latest product in Trampoline Systems SONAR Suite product line. Flightdeck is a enterprise social networking tool that helps companies focus on knowledge and relationship identification. Flightdeck works by gathering high…

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