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SaaS Bill of Rights To Be Published

The Altimeter Group’s Jeremiah Owyang and Ray Wang will publish a SaaS Customer’s Bill of Rights next week. The Bill Of Rights is a collaborative effort that has input from a veritable who’s who of SaaS providers and thought leaders. The SaaS Bill of Rights follows similar efforts/reports that have been created for Cloud Computing…

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OnDemand Speed Links 26 August 2009

Amazon Rolls Out Virtual Private Cloud Amazon today introduced its Virtual Private Cloud Service. This service allows customers to connect resources within the AWS Cloud, to resources within their own your own datacenter using encrypted IPsec VPN connections Help Shape Enterprise 2.0 San Francisco The Enterprise 2.0 San Francisco Conference Organizers have set up a…

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SAAS and Virtualization for Dummies

Found a couple of very simple and informative videos created by InfoWorld called Infoclipz. The first is a  3 minute overview of Software as a Service. Infoworld also created a short clip on Virtualization that is useful as well.

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