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On Enterprise 2.0

Although this slideshare presentation does not follow Guy Kawasaki’s 10 20 30 rule this is nonetheless an excellent “State of the Union” presentation on Web and Enterprise 2.0.

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OnDemand Speed Links Dec 21 2008

Twitter Becomes An Indispensable Business Tool Twitter is fast becoming a tool that businesses use for marketing, customer outreach, recruiting and customer support. Long Term View Of Web 2.0 Jeremy Liews views on how Web 2.0 companies will survive the current economic downturn. Appirio’s Top Ten 2009 Cloud Predictions Although Crystal Ball “Next Year” predictions are usually…

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Get Satisfaction Accepting Beta API Applications

Get Satisfaction is accepting applications for the upcoming release of its Beta API. The API is a RESTful API that will allow developers to access most of the functionality that is built into Get Satisfaction while allowing questions to be broadcast out to Social Media such as Facebook or perhaps one day Linked-In.  The API will also support Google…

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