V2 of Cloud Computing Use Cases Published

Version 2 of the  Computing Use Cases White Paper has just been published.  V2 of the Cloud Computing Use Cases focuses on developer roles and what is necessary for Open API’s to work with Cloud Computing.

V2 of the Use Cases series follows the release of the the initial Cloud Computing Use Cases document in August 2009 that focused on requirements that need to be standardized in a cloud environment to ensure integration, portability and interoperability.

The Cloud Computing Use Cases Group is now soliciting input on V3 of the Cloud Computing Use Cases series and has identified the topics of Moving to the Cloud, Security in Cloud Computing and SLA’s for Cloud Computing as potential focuses of V3.

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  1. Manish on March 14, 2010 at 9:24 am

    Writing a paper on cloud computign use cases, and found this to be a prospective link…

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